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~ Friday, March 28 ~

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Johanna, my amazing friend, and new room mate <3 
So excited for the next chapter in life…

Johanna, my amazing friend, and new room mate <3 

So excited for the next chapter in life…


Happy 1st Birthday, Haven Olivia!! I’m the luckiest aunt on planet Earth :)

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~


Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya website l tumblr

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~ Wednesday, March 26 ~


Who has never killed an hour?
— Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

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by rei17

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~ Monday, March 3 ~

Anonymous said: You being bitter about Jared Leto and Macklemore makes you a really ungrateful dyke seriously you should be proud that others stand up for your rights as well as your kind.



I have seen the light! My kind and I have been saved by Jesus Leto! We couldn’t have done it without him and the Holy Macklemore spirit!

What the actual fuck are you talking about? And don’t call me dyke like you know me. 

I am not ungrateful for allies. I am ungrateful to live in a world that thinks we need them to do the work for us when there have been plenty out there for decades doing so much more. I’m ungrateful to live in a world that needs it done in the first place, but. As long as we stay more comfortable praising heterosexuals for being ~so brave~ then we’re not actually taking steps forward. 

Well said…

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